We are happy that the borders are already open and that we are already having groups fully. We have built a big beautiful tent - Buddhas hall - in the garden, in order to have enough space for safety. It is really wonderful to sit outside surrounded by green and the song of birds. Bring warmer cloths, yoga mat, coushion and blanket for this outside space. In case you dont have, we can provide.

** If you come regularly, you will notice that we had to shift some groups - Summer Celebration, Resilience etc. Looking forward to see you soon.**.

Take care and stay connected with love, peace and strength.

We offer groups, courses, trainings, which all include the level of body, emotions, energy and soul. Our seminars can be an invitation for you for self-development, self-discovery, healing, understanding and meditation. Prices include accomodation in a common room and vegetarian food. We have a possibility of individual rooms for a little extra fee -needs to be booked beforehand.