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Ananta is a very exprienced therapist, healer, group leader. She has been in contact with meditation and energy work since 1990, where she first experienced the power of this work in Pune in Osho Resort. Ananta participated in the Osho School of Mysticism as well as the Osho Prana Healing Ring. Besides energy healing I offered energy reading and channelling, shamanism, tantra, woman’s work and again and again meditation. I began to lead my first groups and trainings in 1998 and since 2000 I work in various countries around the globe.

I am trained in facilitating the OSHO Active Meditations, OSHO Vipassana, Zazen and Darkness Meditation. I am a facilitator for all of the OSHO Meditative Therapies and a trainer for the OSHO Talking to the BodyMind training process.

Further more I am trained in various holistic healing approaches: Osho Prana Healing®, Shock Release, Channelling, Osho Neo-Reikimaster, Energy reading, Aura-Soma© Level 1,2,3, Kinesiology Three-In-One Concept Practitioner, Hypnosis and NLP for Meditation, Colorpuncture Basic and Advanced Training, Colorpuncture Transmitter Relay Practitioner. I am a trainer for Osho Prana Healing®, Channelling and Energy reading.

I mainly work with groups of people as well as in one-to-one sessions by creating spaces to give participants the possibility to experience their individual inner world. The techniques I use besides meditation are various: energy work, awareness techniques, movement, gestalt, sound, psychodrama and more.

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