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Our birth is a strong imprint moment, shaping our inner structures for a lifetime. Birth is the step from unity with the mother to our independent existence. Only after birth we start to breathe ourselves. This experience is one of the building blocks of our psyche. If this transition happens in a friendly and loving way, life becomes a friendly place, same as the womb of the mother. The mother expands, and turns into mother earth. If birth happens in an unfriendly, rough, or even threatening way, with separation from the mother, birth means the end of paradise, and the world becomes an unfriendly, even hostile place where one has to exert oneself, has to survive, has to repress feelings, and has to obey the rules. Krishnamurti describes this very beautifully in his autobiography, where he talks about his birth in the South of India, as a child of simple people. Mother and child stayed in a dark room for 10 days. When the child was not on the body of the mother it was kept swinging in a piece of cloth hanging from the ceiling for all this time. Only fater 10 days gradually light was allowed to enter the room.

In this group we look at our birth, at the imprints is has left on us, and how they shape our lifes from the unconscious.. With breathing and body work old feelings and tensions get expressed and released. And with the birth process, a reenacting of birth we create a new experience of birth, which gives us a new relationship with life.

We celebrate the new Year together, symbolically also as the celebration of a new life.