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Breathing is one of the most basic functions of our body, and our soul.

On the body level breathing provides the oxygen our body needs to keep the organism alive. Breathing is the first thing that happens after our birth, before the mother provides everything for us. With the first breath we start to live independently from the mother. How this trnasition happens has a big effect on our attitudes, on our beliefs about life, about us, about others. Deep emotional structures get created, patterns of feeling startled, of not feeling ready, of feeling pushed, of feeling stuck in a charged state.

On the level of the soul breathing constitutes the balance between taking and giving. We are part of the universal rhythm, charge and discharge, birth and death. When we relax into breathing, we let go of the ego, we surrender to a flow, a movement that is bigger than us. We surrender to the powers which constitutes life: Energy, movement, sexuality. When we bring Meditation to the breathing, we see the gap between two breaths, the moment where for a short while there is no movement, there is nobody, no ego, there is complete silence. Breathing gives us both. It gives life, and it gives the death of the ego.

When we become aware of all that breathing contains, it can become a path of saying yes to life and going into Meditation at the same time.

Osho on breathing:

“………first try to understand what is meant by “the form,” by “the essence of breathing.” While you are breathing, you are not only breathing air. Science says you are breathing only air – just oxygen, hydrogen, and other gases in their combined form of air. They say you are breathing air! But tantra says that air is just the vehicle, not the real thing. You are breathing prana – vitality. Air is just the medium; prana is the content. You are breathing prana, not only air.

Modern science is still not able to find out whether there is something like prana, but some researchers have felt something mysterious. Breathing is not simply air. It has been felt by many modern researchers also. In particular, one name is to be mentioned – Wilhelm Reich, a German psychologist who called it “orgone energy.” It is the same thing as prana. He says that while you are breathing, air is just the container and there is a mysterious content which can be called orgone or prana or ELAN VITAL. But that is very subtle. Really, it is not material. Air is the material thing – the container is material – but something subtle, non-material, is moving through it…….”

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