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Group lead by Ananta

Chakras were discovered thousands of years ago in India. Chakra means ‚wheel’ and their function is to support the flow of your life energy. Once the Chakras function well your energy is flowing well and you are well! Being well is not only your birthright but your very nature. Any form of stress, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual is ultimately energy in some kind of blocked state. Any form of stress is therefore an energetic tension and can be released.

In this process we are using the map of the 7 Chakras. This map gives a wide experience and understanding not only regarding your physical health but also your psychological wellbeing and your spiritual or religious life. Chakras are one of the most holistic approaches to human nature. Each chakra is a different expression of your life energy. The Chakras are the energetic reflections of your life’s situations and experiences. In fact the Chakras are creating your life. A Chakra with the energy flowing naturally will manifest as pleasant positive experiences, something you like, love and cherish. Tensions in a Chakra will show as difficulties, problems or challenges in your life. Every chakra has a connection with the physical body as well as the related energy body. All the energy bodies together create your energy field, which is also called your ‚Aura‘.

The course gives you a space to explore your Chakras, which is the experience of your energetic reality. We are not only a physical body, we are not only able to think or feel, we are a very complex possibility called ‚a human being‘. There is a lot of undiscovered potential in us and the Chakras are the inner doors to become aware of it and to activate your hidden qualities. Chakras give inner support and often open talents and possibilities that you might not even imagine about yourself. You are not what you think you are, you are much more!  
Find out where you can grow and expand and where you can find nourishment and rest. Experience that everything you need is there inside.  

Here are some keywords for each Chakra and the responding state of consciousness for your inspiration and reflection. The experience of your energetic reality gives more clarity or even a new vision about your life, inside and outside.  
##Chakra 1 Life in the material world: survival, security, instincts, sex as reproduction, grounding, fear (of death), money. Relates to the physical body.

Chakra 2

House of Feelings: relating with the other and oneself, intimacy, needs and especially the need to belong, merging and melting, feelings, sensitivity, sensuousness, sexuality. Relates to the Etheric body (2nd energy body).

Chakra 3

House of Emotions: power, integrity, dignity, individuality, authority, power games, the ‘I’ and the world, past lives. Relates to the emotional body or Astral body (3rd energy body).

Chakra 4

House of love, harmony, acceptance, peace and compassion. Connection between the 3 lower and 3 upper chakras, the meeting of the material and the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Related to the mental body (4th energy body).

Chakra 5

House of Creativity and Expression: understanding, expression of oneself, communication, authenticity, creativity, spirituality. Relates to the spiritual body (5th energy body).

Chakra 6

House of Inner Vision: inner awareness, wisdom, meditation, the 3rd Eye, psychic abilities. Relates to the cosmic body (6th energy body).

Chakra 7

House of Union and Unity: Oneness with All that is. Relates to the Nirvanic body (7th energy body).

We will use energy work, movement, sound, awareness techniques, Gestalt, Psychodrama, healing rituals, guided relaxation and inner journeys and most important - meditation. All these techniques will support us to become aware and to get rooted deeper into our inner resources, treasures and potential, into our being.

Osho quote:

„Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece.“