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One aspect of constellations, or one question which arises for many people is, what is the right distance from my parents. When one has seen the depth of connection and loyality in family systems, especially towards the parents, one knows how important it is to take the parents, to find peace with them, to be at ease with one´s roots, so our family system can be a source of strength and support for us. So far so good. But many people also have had painful, threatening, and even traumatising experiences with their parents, which can not be neglected, and are not solved by taking the parents alone. People with these types of experiences have a higher need for, or bigger sensitivity for closeness-distance regulation. Even if there is a yes and acceptence on the inside, there still is at the same time a need for taking care for respecting how close one can be or wants to be with another person. If this person goes too close, a force starts to arise on the inside, which wants to move away, a feeling which easily gets perceived as resistance against the person who is close, or lies as a weight on the cennection with that person. If the person perceives the need for closeness - distance regulation, and can take care for it, he or she can feel good and free, and open for the person they meet, without creating a negative charge with the other person. This closeness - distance regulation directly gets mirrored in the balance of our nervous system, in the regulation process of Sympathikus and Parasympathikus. Standing in front of mother or father, finding the right place, the right distance, directly shows in our inner balance, in our nervous system, allowing our body to regulate freely and spontaneously.