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Devakant is an artist – musician, singer, sculptor, painter. Devakant creates through his beautiful music and soft-deep voice space of stillness and quiet – space of meditation, which can touch the depth of our soul.

Devakant comes form USA and has travelled and lived in many places of our world. Recently he lives in Chile. The inspiration for his music comes from different spiritual traditions and cultures from different parts of the world (Gregorian chants, classical Indian music, Zen monastery music from Japan and Tibet, shamanic tradition from central America etc.).

Voice Workshop with Devakantem in Shangri La

For all who would like to get inspired and develop your creativity and singing, working with voice are welcomed.

MYSTERIUM: The Power of Creation

Excerpt from interview with Devakantem (see the video below), where he talks about art

There is another kind of art, which I have encountered in India and Japan mostly. You never see a Buddha statue in Japan with a signature of the artist on it. And that is not accidental because they are not trying to say: This is who I am. They are trying to - they are dissolving in that state that they are demonstrating on the face of Buddha statue. In order to demonstrate it they have to identify with it, embody it and become it. So it is like erasing yourself through the process of the art, erasing your ego, erasing your personality. That s a different kind of art, it is a different process, it is not the egoistic process of the artist that we know in the west. Expressing your pain, expressing your agony, that s ok if that is what you need to do. But that is not the real thing for me. The real thing for me is how to give the transcendental, how to make the bridge which helps us to cross over the state where drama and the pain and ecstasy is not the most important thing. To me thats what I am trying to do.