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Man consists of 2 parts, Essence and personality. When we were born we were pure essence, later we had to give up our essence, in order to receive the love we needed to survive. This loss of essence is felt as an inner emptiness, like inner holes, and shapes our perception deeply. This group is for people who have the courage to face the conditioning of generations, in order to reclaim their essence. Powerful chakrameditations help you to integrate the understanding.

Essence is our true, natural being. Like a rainbow, or like a diamond, essence has many different aspects, colors and facets. Some of the major ones are strength, love, trust, peace, compassion, joy, objective presence and clarity.

We all were born with these essential qualities, and they are still there deep down in us, even though we usually don´t notice or feel them anymore, or even reject them.

During our childhood we gradually lost contact with our essence, to protect us and to receive the love we needed to survive. In the interaction with the parents, mainly with the mother, we started to develop our personality, our ego, and started to believe that this is who we are. Taking our personality for who we are, and losing the contact to our essence, or to major aspects of it like love, strength, clarity or joy leaves painful empty holes behind, which we try to fill with all kinds of things from the outside: attention from partners, success in work, holidays, entertainment, sex, money, food etc. But these substitutes cannot fill this inner emptiness, which we feel as loneliness, pain, impotency or as a meaningless struggle for survival, separated from the whole. The absence of essence creates holes, and the bigger our distance from the essential qualities, the stronger we feel these inner holes.

By deeply understanding our conditioning and our personality structures we will rediscover certain dimensions of being, with which we had lost contact in our early childhood. We approach psychological issues not as problems, but as doorways to our essence, for which we long so much. We rediscover the major essential aspects: strength, love, trust, peace, compassion, joy, objective presence and clarity. Special exercises for self-exploration, Meditations, and a deep understanding help you, to rediscover these lost qualities and accept them as yours.

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