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In this online workshop of 7 meetings, 3 hours each, one per week, we cover a journey through the world of essence work. In the first meeting we look at essence as such. In the second meeting we look at our holes, the efforts to avoid them and the resulting separation from essence. And then we look at the main aspects of essence always in one meeting for each aspect.

When we were born, essence was present in us, but later we lost contact with essence, because our environment did not see essence in us and mirror it back to us. Instead of that we received rules, beliefs about how we should and should not be, what we should and should not do. Rules and beliefs about the world have replaced contact with essence. This loss of essence is felt as an inner emptiness, like inner holes, and shapes our perception deeply. We try to fill these holes with all kinds of things from the outside: attention from partners, success in work, holidays, entertainment, sex, money, food etc. But these substitutes cannot fill this inner emptiness, which we feel as loneliness, pain, or as a meaningless struggle for survival, separated from the whole.

Essence is our true, natural being. Like a rainbow, or like a diamond, essence has many different aspects, colors and facets. Some of the major ones are love, strength, peace, joy, will. We all were born with these essential qualities, and they are still there deep down in us, even though we usually don´t notice or feel them anymore, or even reject them.

We will always meet from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (with a little break in-between).

Essence 26.5.
The holes 3.6. Love 10.6.
Strength 2.7.
Joy 8.7.
Will 15.7.
Peace 22.7.

In this online series of essence workshops you get understanding and clarity about essence and its´ aspects. We also do inquiries online, where you will work with one partner at a time in a virtual session room, looking at how your life happened in the context of a lack of mirroring of essence, or as an effort to fill a hole inside. As a a result, essence gets the mirroring it needs, and you learn how to create the space where essence can manifest inn your life in its various aspects again.

This might be especially helpful in the context of the covid 19 crisis, the quarantine and precautions measures with all their effects on peoples lives now. The limitations of social contact, the loss or threat of losing work and income, insecurities, the field of collective fear around us. Essence is not influenced by all that at all. Essence simply is.

We will use professional software Zoom, very easy to use - you need only a smartphone, PC or a notebook with a camera and microphone.