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by Bhagat.

One of the things which I meet quite often in working with people is a certain type of thinking where the person believes that “I am like I am because of the things which happened in my past”. And this sounds absolutely normal to us, and we do not question what was said. We all have moments or areas in our life where we think like this sometimes. But this type of thinking, we call it cause-effect thinking, is very misleading, and can be a huge trap. The past has happened, and this is why I am like I am. I can’t change that past, so I am bound to be the way I am, have the feelings I have, have the problems I have.

What has happened in the Past is one thing, how we represent the memories, how we process them, what conclusions we make happens in the now. It is my inner processing now which decides what effect an experience from the past has on me now. The problem is not the past, the problem is my inner functioning, my often very unconscious patterns of thinking and feeling.

You can see this most clearly after traumatic situations, which many people experienced together. The surprising outcome is, that after several years some people are still traumatised, some are not. So the big question is, what do the people who can leave the traumatic event behind without being traumatised do differently than those who are traumatised?

Right now after the lockdown and three months of having no programs here, the Resilience training was our first program. And it was beautiful to see what happened in the people. First how big the need was to connect, to be together. And second how much we can influence and change this patterns inside of us. And third how powerful the thinking patterns are which create what we call chronicity.

Especially in moments like the lockdown, old collective fears of plague, war, disaster, poverty are activated in many people, and can control us in quite a powerful way. Whether it’s coming in form of Past life pictures, or from the collective unconscious. These are always challenging moments to realise the power of now. The Past is not doing anything to us, the Past actually is no more, it is gone already. What is there now are our memories, and our ways to deal with them.

When we see this all, it opens a vast gate for freedom, responsibility, and creativity. So let us live this freedom in a loving, respectful, creative and joyful way.

And how to go this direction practically? Watch your thoughts, your inner dialogues, the pictures you create about the future. They are not happening to you, you create them. Instead of inner dialogues about things going wrong, you can create inner dialogues about learning to cope with life more resourcefully. Instead of imagining things going wrong (like in the pandemie now f.e. corpses, people starving, suffering) create pictures of contributing to taking care and being careful. As Raul Midon sings in one of his songs: “worrying about the future does not change the past”. Create a positive perspective for your life, a life which is worth doing something for, contributing to it.

And - meditate. When you meditate, and watch the stream of your thoughts without reacting to it, that traffic of thoughts eventually slows down. That stream of greed and fear eventually comes to a halt. And there is silence. A joyous silence.