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Some representatives of modern hypno systemic therapy make a courageous statement: “There are no problems in the world, the problems happen inside of us!” This is provocative. What do they mean with this statement?

It is actually a farreaching discovery. It means, that our perceptions, and our reactions based on those perceptions, together with our personal structures and limitations make something “a problem”. We create the context where something starts to be “a problem”. This is a big bite to swallow, because a lot of time things happen which are difficult for us. We face many challenges, and to take it like this means to take responsibility, a lot of responsibility. But exactly at this moment there also comes the gift in, which this statement brings. If I create the problem, I also can change something, I can influence the situation. If the problem existes independently from me, on the outside, my options of having an influence are usually rather limited. If I see that I create the situation which we call “a problem” inside of me, many options are opening up, at least the possibility to influence the situation. The focus gets taken away from “the problem” outside of me, and it gets directed towards my dealing with the situation, towards solutions or possible solutions. I look at my structures, my perceptions, my internal processes, and what or where I could make a change, what or where can I do something differently.

And this makes a huge difference, because we do know now, proven scientifically, that in our brain energy follows attention, If we focus on the problem, the flow of energy in the brain goes to the problem. When we focus on solutions, the flow of energy in the brain goes to the solutions. This is our choice.

This aproach is also part of work with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Bhagat offers a full training in this work.

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