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with Anando and Prem Vijan

Come and open your creativity with two experienced artists and mediations. First part of this course is Opening your creativity and this is followed by a course in Nature painting.

The painting process is primal and is for you to reconnect with, reopen , and enhance your inner creativity, which was not given the chance to fully develop in your life. You are given total freedom to find your own way in this process, without a goal in mind. Using music, dance and unique exercises we guide you to a space where this reconnection will happen.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be more in touch your innate creativity, your desire to express it, and confidence in sharing your gifts with others. You will understand what allows creative freedom and how to support yourself letting this talent grow in your life.

Here painting is a tool for transformation creating a meditative space existing in the moment….

Part 1: Opening your creativity

You are guided through a process of meeting your conditioning which has produced barriers to creativity, such as ‘I’m not creative’ or ‘I’m not good enough.’ This process leads you to a meditative space where a reconnection occurs, joy and playfulness emerge, and natural flow pours forth from your being.

Part 2: Nature painting.

The journey continues as your true inner self harmonizes with the world surrounding you. Black and White as well as Color painting, Music, Dance, and special exercises are utilized in this process. You will recognize your uniqueness and gain confidence as you develop ways to express it.

We aspire to heed Osho’s calling when he elaborates that the highest flowing expression of meditation is creativity.

Special thanks to Meera Hashimoto for her ongoing inspiration.

Come to open for your potential to a beautiful quiet place surrounded by gardens and nature.