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Primal Rebirth®

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In the first seven years of our life the blueprint is formed for who we (unconsciously) decide to become as adults. A lot of our questions, difficulties, hurts and pain are related to that period of our life.

When we were not mirrored, accepted by our parents and/or caretakers in our true selves as a child, we had to cut off from our true potential. We had to build up a protective layer in order not to feel the pain of that. This layer became so strong over time that most of us completely forgot our essential qualities.

In this course, through regression, rebirthing, gestalt therapy and other techniques we find the way back to our true selves. Addressing our false beliefs about ourselves, we start to re-parent our “inner child” so it doesn’t need to act out its wounds in our present day-to-day life. And learning to distinguish the past from the present enables us to respond instead of react to life’s situations. We regain the natural flow of living our life according to our unique potential.