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book (27.-28.6.)

We will celebrate the 25th birthday of Shangri La Osho Meditation Center. It is incredible that it is already 25 years ago, when Bhagat came to Czech and bought an old decripit house and started a center (at that time without any knowledge of Czech language and no telephone in the village).

Let’s celebrate - with music, dance and meditation

There will be a colourful program full of meditations, music, meeting with people, good food, concert, dance outside under the stars and much more. All happening in our beautiful garden and natural surounding.

We are happy that Veet Sandeh and friends will come to play for us in a live concert.

There will be also a little market with clothes, hand-made jewelry, henna painting and other suprises.

You can come with a whole family and bring a tent along and sleep in our beautiful gardens.

The event starts on Saturday at 2 p.m. with registration and ends on Sunday at 4.30 p.m. in Karavanserai for having coffee and cake.

Detailed information about the program are soon to be posted.