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book (29.-30.6.)

Summer celebration with dance, live music and meditations.

You can come to the events as you feel like or just spent time with beautiful people or simply sit in the garden and enjoy beautiful nature. This years program will again be full of movement, silence, music and celebration. We are very much looking forward to see you here.

Program 2018

Saturday 30.6.

15:00 Osho Devavani Meditation with Sananda

17:00 Sacred Earth Meditation from Osho Humaniversity with Nishkam and Magdalena

18:15 Dinner

19:30 Concert with Jailhouse Classics, in medi-room with Jochen Narciss (violin) and Veet (guitar)

Playful, amazing and sometimes suprising journey into classical and non-serious guitar and violin music. For more see below.

  21:30 Disco with Shraddes and World Music (if weather permits outside, in case of rain in medi-room)

23:00 Dance with wings outside and Afro dance with drummers

Ephraim Goldin: amazing drummer with more than 15 years of experience

Jaroslava Keicher: dancer, drummer, founding member of Tiditade (the first group dancing west african dances in Czech)

Sananda and Amineta - see below

Sunday 1.7.

7:15 Osho Dynamic Meditation, with Nishkam in medi-room

8:30 breakfast

9:30 Osho Satsang with live music, in medi-room (Amar, Veet)

11:00 Osho Mystic Rose event with Amar

13:30 lunch

14:00 café at Amar´s place - Karavanserai: home-made cakes and good coffee and tea

15:00 - 16:00 trans with Bhagat (deep relaxation, space for your uncounscious mind) in medi-room

Checking-in will be on Saturday at

2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
6:30 p.m.to 7:30 p.m.

Jailhous Classics

Jailhouse Classics has been found in 2015 by Jochen Narciss (violin) and Veet (guitar). While the music school in which we work is located in a former prison our slogan is: ‘ Long live freedom! ‘ Our goal has been from the beginning to bring an element of creativity and joy to the music. We have created our very own repertoire by including improvisation into a multitude of styles: romantic music by Schubert, tangos by Piazzolla, Spanish music, folk music, gypsy jazz by Django Reinhardt, film music by John Williams and some rock classics by Queen and Led Zeppelin. In the end we have also some non- serious surprises for you.


Veet has studied classical guitar with the Spanish maestro Luis M.Diego. Already in an early stage he was inspired by his teacher to an in-depth study of Brazilian music, Jazz and improvisation.

Apart from classical guitar, Veet studied also in India, learning to play the sitar from Ustad usman Kahn, toures across India with the Fusion Ensemble and played with musicians from more than twenty countries in Osho Commune International.

All these inspirations have been documented in three CDs

Recordings with Brazilian music are found here:

African dance

Sananda and Amineta dancing to Aneboafro music at the occasion of 20th anniversary of Shangri La