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Allergic reactions are becoming more and more frequent. In this group we look at the possibilities, how to influence allergic reactions in our body. The typical experience is that the allergy „happens to us“. We do not create the reaction, we can´t do anything about it. And this is not true. Every experience consists of many layers, internal and external perceptions, evaluations, body perceptions, memory triggers, age experience (uncounscious regressions, etc. Altogether they form a gestalt, an experience which we do perceive as uninfluenceable. In this group we start to differentiate, see and expand our space for influencing our experience. At the same time we see the hidden potential and intelligence in the reaction of our body, and learn to redirect and contextualize our responses to a more adequate level, This means a shift in the relationship with our body towards cooperation with the body, learning from each other. Parts of resolving allergy mechanisms are