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Long lasting stressful situations, not-dissolved traumatic experiences from the past often leave us in an inner space of tension, with feelings of fear and helplessness. It prevents us from having a fulfilled and successful life. In this seminar we take little steps, so that you will not feel overwhelmed by looking at old traumatic situations.

By slowing down and coming in contact with your body sensations you will be able to explore and understand how you had to adapt as a child to an environment which wasn’t optimal. Often we are still repeating these old survival strategies which are no longer helpful in the here and now.

You will rediscover your own resources and their supporting effect in your bodymind system, so that you will feel more connected with yourself and more able to take care of your needs.

In this course we will use also touch as a resource. Being touched can support you in being present in your own body, in feeling yourself, in allowing contact in a way that feels good to you, and in receiving love that is respectful and nourishing.