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In these three days we will explore the energy of our heart with meditations, guided relaxations and sharings so that we can start again living more from the heart than from the head.

Living from the heart is living from a space of acceptance. This relaxes us deeply and allows us to enjoy life just as it is.

“… and the problem with modern man is that we have forgotten the language of silence, we have forgotten the way of the heart. We have completely forgotten that there is a life which can be lived through the heart. We are much too hung up in the head, and because we are so much in the head we cannot make any sense out of love. It becomes more and more problematic.”

“Once your eyes are full of love you have the capacity to see into the trees, to see into the rocks, to their very innermost core, and find God there. Then he is everywhere. All that is needed is a loving heart.”

Osho – The Dhammapada