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In this group we dissolve our identification with the „I“ and merge with the whole. In this way we step out of separation, struggle and fight. And instead of living our life according to our superego, we again gain authority over our life. In a place, where we are in contact with open awareness and love. From there we can look at our life with compassion and clarity. We see what we miss, what we are truly longing for. The outcome of this process is a deep state of being tuned in and a clear direction. We use Meditation and tools from Hypnosis work to take care of the structure of our brain in such a way, that it can relax into open awareness with a sense of presence and being oneself.

The need to feel connected, to be part of, to merge, to be one is very deeply rooted in our being. But quite often we feel separated, we struggle with existence, on material levels, on emotional levels, in relationships, and also even in meditation. We wish to go beyond this struggle, but mostly do not know how. In this group we look at the mechanisms in our mind which create this inner tension and separation.

Some of these mechanisms are connected with painful experiences in the past, like separation from the mother after birth, or separation pain when we lose a loved person. Some are created by our often unconscious choices of what we want to be present in our life, and what we do not want to be part of our life. We hold on to certain feelings and experiences, and reject others. This is the basic mechanism of our mind: To choose. Choosing creates clinging and rejection. And then experiencing oneness is simply impossible.

In this group we explore where we create or maintain separation on several layers. Identity, superego - the inner judge, needs and desires. We use understandings from Hypnosis and NLP work and from Meditation to invite our negative and tense mind structures to soften and open up. We help our mind to go beyond this omnipresent pattern of getting caught in duality, where we want light and pleasure, and do not want darkness and pain. We can move towards the experience of oneness only from a calm and relaxed state of mind, where we can invite separation to dissolve, allowing open awareness to include what was excluded before. A sense of presence and being oneself starts to manifest. This creates compassion and clarity. We are in contact with what we feel, we see what we miss, and what we are truly longing for. The outcome of this process is a deep state of being tuned in, connectedness, and a clear direction.

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