OSHO Heart Meditation - Online

“This is the method of compassion: drink in all the suffering and pour out all the blessings.“ Osho

Invitation for you to create a little space for yourself and your soul amidst the everyday life.

22nd May 2023 at 7 p.m.
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Meeting ID: 843 9515 2367

OSHO Heart Meditation is a healing meditation inspired by Tibetan master Atisha. It works with the power of our heart. Our heart is not afraid, our heart has courage and can transform pain.

This meditation will be online on Zoom and it is for free.
We already have great experiences with online work and we want to share our joy and also we feel that this time needs so much of this healing space.

We will always make a little introduction and then we share the meditation. Overall it lasts about hour and a half. You do not need to send any booking form - it is enough to click on the Zoom link (see above).

This meditation has four parts:
-first part - consciously pay attention to the area of your heart,
-second part - start to breath in to your heart - all your pain, misery, suffering and let it be transformed there into joy and blissfulness,
-third part -now focus on the pain, misery, suffering of the entire world and let it be transformed in your heart and breath out joy, blissfulness and love
-fourth part - silence - observe, become the witness.

What do you need:
little space (for sitting),
loose comfy clothes,

PC, smartphone or tablet,
and you need to download and install Zoom

Looking forward to see you,

Amar and Sananda

“It is one of the greatest methods. When you breathe in, think that you are breathing in all the miseries of all the people in the world. All the darkness, all the negativity, all the hell that exists anywhere, you are breathing it in. Let it be absorbed in your heart. 
“This is the method of compassion: drink in all the suffering and pour out all the blessings. 
“You will be surprised if you do it. The moment you take all the sufferings of the world inside you, they are no longer sufferings. The heart immediately transforms the energy. The heart is a transforming force: drink in misery, and it is transformed into blissfulness. Then pour it out. 
“Once you have learned that your heart can do this magic, this miracle, you will like to do it again and again. Try it. It is one of the most practical methods – simple, and it brings immediate results. Do it today and see.“ Osho

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Meeting ID: 843 9515 2367