Meditation, transformation, trainings.
More than a place for self-development – a place for inspiration.
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Shangri La Osho Meditation Center

is a place for Meditation, therapy and learning therapeutic skills. Our programs are lead by experienced trainers with international experience, and happen in English language with translation into Czech. Energy- and bodywork, understanding of psychological mechanisms, direct personal experiences and a healing space of acceptance together with Meditation give our programs both depth and vision.

Osho´s active Meditations are an integral part of programs in our place.

Our place is also a good starting point for outdoor avtivities like hiking or biking, and a wonderful place to rest and recharge, and just to have some holidays. It is also possible to rent a room for some weeks or months, or to come helping in the garden.

Our place is situated in beautiful quiet and hilly countryside 100 km to the West of Prague. Geoposition: North 50° 3´ 49,6´´ East 13° 6´ 9,1 ´´

Our community consists of 11 adults and 4 children, living in 7 houses, and we work on about 4 ha of land around our houses using permaculture approaches, with ponds, many fruit trees, and growing vegetables.

Nature Holidays Relaxation

Osho Shangri La Meditation Center is situated in a wild, hilly area close to the romantic spa towns of Marienbad and Karlsbad, just 50 km from the German border, 100 km to the West of Prague. The old farm house was renovated beautifully with lots of love, and a huge garden full of fruit trees surrounds the house and offers plenty of space for relaxing in nature. An outdoor sauna is available for the wellness of our guests. Huge forests and lakes are an invitation for every outdoor fan, in all the seasons of the year. Friendly guest rooms are available, and camping in the huge garden is possible in summer.

Trainings, Groups, Individual Sessions

You are welcome to participate in the group programs or enjoy our wide range of individual sessions, all offered by experienced therapists, who are working in Osho´s Buddhafield for many years, adding a new dimension to therapy. The beauty of the surrounding and the silence of Osho Shangri La provide a perfect space for group participants, and a wild and largely untouched nature around adds another quality of healing to our programs.

Meditation Life in the Buddhafield

Osho´s Meditations are the framework of daily life in Osho Shangri La. You are welcome to just relax and meditate here as well as to join the activities of the crew, i.e. cooking, gardening, etc, living and working and meditating together, creating, and living in what Osho calls the energy of the Buddhafield. An energy which is a tremendous support for each person on his way of personal growth.