Amar was born 1955 in Hamburg.
When she met Osho in 1978 she enjoyed the life and work in his communes in Pune, India and Europe.
In Pune she participated also in various therapeutical trainings and the following became her main focus:
the meditative therapies, created by Osho: Mystic Rose, Born again, No Mind and Body-Mind Balancing,
the work with the inner child,
holistic and other massage-technics as well as
and sharing the Osho Meditations.

A few years ago she created the “Karavanserai”, a little guesthouse, right next to the Shangi-La Meditation-Center.

The Karavanserai

welcomes you with:

  • beautiful rooms
  • masala-chai, cappuccino and homemade cakes
  • individual sessions: Cranio-Sacral-Balancing, Holistic-massage, Tarot-reading
  • Meditation weekends (for detailed information: