Beyond Karma towards Consciousness


Nobody can prove whether Past lifes exist, but pictures, memories, feelings about previous lifes are definetely there. And we repeat patterns, or act based on fears or strives which we didn´t dissolve or integrate. In this group we make these patterns and impulses conscious, so that we can let go of them. We use hypnosis and breathwork for regressions, to connect with these experiences also physically and emotionally, so that also our bodies can release the energies which it carries from those lifes deep inside.

We look at issues in different stages of lives, birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, man-woman relationships, money, work, self realisation, relationship with one´s own body, health, death experiences, violence, energy patterns, how issues from past lifes innfluence our body now, how they effect our energy and the chakras. Bringing these issues to consciousness is what takes power away from them.

Even without the concept of reincarnation it is obvious, that unfinished things from the past stay present inside of use, and go with us like a weight in the backpack with which we walk through our life. Most clearly one can see this when people face death. The need to complete, acknowledge, forgive, let go becomes stronger and stronger. When we take care about this during life already, we learn how to deal with issues. When we don´t take care, when we don´t learn to deal with things during life we will be overwhelmed when death comes, and we simply drown in unconsciousness, and take along all the unresolved issues into death, and onwards.

Independently whether past lifes exist or not, the pictures are present inside of us, and whether they come from the collective unconscious, from past lifes, or from some other sources is rather secondary.

The pictures which we carry give us a direct and unique possibility of working with deep issues which do not depend on experiences of this life, childhood, birth etc. We start to see patterns, about behaviors, attitude to our body, relationships, money, work, love, sex and many more. Seeing these patterns gives us the chance to not repeat them unconsciously.

This goes together with one discovery of modern depth psychology: Deep inside we have a big need for stable objects and stable relationships in our life, which help us to have a stable sense of our identity. At the same time our modern world has become overflowing with information and inputs for our senses. In order to gratify our deep need for a stable identity, we tend to stick to and repeat structures and behavior patterns. Caught in this mode of repetition it becomes difficult to be in the now and act spontaneously, truly intelligently, lovingly and joyously.

Through body processes, Meditations, understanding the light of consciousness can dissolve these old patterns.