Devapria Gokani

Devapria started her formal training in body work at the age of sixteen. But she started giving indian head massages to her family members at a much earlier age. This is a form that is passed down from mother to daughter since centuries. Since then she trained in Craniosacral Balancing, Myofascial Release, (also known as Rebalancing), Holistic Massage, Hawaiian massage, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Japanese Face massage, Joint Release, primal therapy, Gurdjieff Movements, to name a few. She has also learnt various Indian dance styles - both classical and folk - and also participated in international dance projects.Devapria leads Dance workshops, trainings in massage and gives individual sessions in many countries. Right now Devapria is writing her thesis to complete her a training as a holistic counsellor.

Her interest and experience in so many different facets in life are reflected in the trainings she leads. They are rich, vast and unique both in subject material and presence.