Freedom to create: Direction and movement for your life

A course designed to give you the tools to move towards the intention of your life, aligning our different brains and bring together conscious mind, unconscious mind, and the impulses from the stem brain, allowing you to create your life in a directed and at the same time natural way.

We have many patterns, in our thinking, in our behaviours, and also in our movements.

Giving our life a direction, meaning, living our intention means basically two things: To have an intention what to live, and to include our past, our difficulties, the traumas, into this journey.

To create this direction ourselves, we need to find out what are my values, what gives my life fulfilment, what is it worth living for? How can I live this? This is basically a creative project. Many people have difficulties to claim this freedom for creating, continuing to live the patterns from the past. Often this includes an attitude of wanting to get rid of a problem, a trauma, fighting against something, maybe some limitation. This fighting creates an inner split, a rigidity which perpetuates the old patterns, which often are dominated by very basic survival modes: Escape, attack or freeze. These survival modes are deeply stored in our stem brain, a part of our brain which we cannot control with our conscious will or decisions. Creating an intention, a direction, which includes our conscious mind, our unconscious mind, and these survival impulses is a powerful journey. This creation involves to find new movements, a new somatic model for us.

And we do have a past, and there are difficulties, traumas, pain, which we often do not want to meet, or we don’t know how to meet them. So we avoid them, try to get rid of them, reject them. But by doing this we force them only deeper into the unconscious. Learning how to accept and see our old reactions as meaningful in those contexts, given the possibilities we had then, makes it easier to leave this inner struggle behind and realise, that is was natural in those moments at that age to react like this. We are vulnerable, and we do have needs. And as a child we were even more vulnerable, and we were dependent. But we are not children anymore now. Realising deep inside that we are an adult now, with the abilities and possibilities of an adult, changing the picture we have about ourselves deep inside is like waking up from a long dream. Taking care for our vulnerability, and taking responsibility to protect this vulnerable side of us is what we need to include into our new journey. Finding a way how to do this is the second task.

A picture which expresses this is a person, who is committed to bypass or overcome obstacles, staying true to his/her inner intention, direction while holding and protecting a small baby in one ´s arms.

Moving on with intention, determination and gentleness, softness together. Our unconscious opens up and trusts only when it feels safe, when we do not force anything on it, or try to take anything away from it. Finding an accepting, appreciating attitude creates trust inside. When this trust comes, change, movement is possible.