Essence of strength and will, joy and inner peace

When we are born, we are pure essence, pure manifestations of the Absolute, of Oneness. The white light of our Being becomes manifest through a rainbow of essential qualities: Peace, Joy, Strength, the feeling of being connected, supported and guided by the Universe, etc.

During our childhood we gradually loose almost all contact with these qualities. We develop substitutes - facades and games to calm ourselves or to make others supply the feeling of love, support and direction that we are missing inside.

Every act in our adult life will stem from the unconscious desire to fill out -or forget- these holes.
But it is the very conviction that something is missing inside of us that makes us block out our essence.
In this group we look more closely at the process of individuation in our life, the time when the small child slowly leaves the state of merging with the mother towards separation and uniqueness. On the psychological level there is always a conflict between the two, merging means to feel safe and warm, but unfree, and separations means to be unique and free, but to loose safety and warmth, love.

The vast majority of people decide at one point to give up their strength, because they prefer a negative merging with the mother to standing in their strength alone. This is the fear: To stand in our strength means to be alone.
We will inquire when you gave up your strength, what made you give it up, and for what. And we will face the holes underneath of these fears, and look at ourselves without any make-up, face the vulnerability - and reconnect with our strength, with our truth – to realize that it is not our strength, but the strength of the universe flowing through us, if we allow it.


Like with other aspects of Essence also with Will the situation is, that our personality distorts the true shape of Will, and often makes something hard, future-oriented from Will. The now is then sacrificed for this future which has been decided to be reached. This is not Will, as an aspect of Essence, but a substitute, a crutch that gives us direction and hope, that it will be better in the future.

True Will is about being true to ourselves. When we are in touch with Will we know what is important for us, and we are willing to walk into this direction, and face also challenges and difficulties without giving up. What matters is to know what is relevant for us, not so much the speed with which we move. True Will does not sacrifice the now for the future, neither our direction, what is important for us, for the now. When Will is present, we are open to meet our feelings, our insecurities, and still stay in touch with what is true for us deep inside. One could also call it commitment to one´s one truth.

When we are in this state, we can be open for the world without being manipulated or getting distracted. The old Zen wisdom comes true, even a journey of a thousand miles begings with a single step, and ends with a single step.