Nirvano, Martina Schulz

has been working with meditation, massage and Bodywork, groups and trainings for more then 30 years. Still very young she met Osho which has influenced her life deeply and inspired her to work with people.

Her unique ability to combine all that she has learned during her long history of passionate studies and practices gives her work an incredible fullness and colour.

Today she lives in Switzerland and travels the world to teach and lead groups and trainings.

She has created the Oceanic Bodywork@ method ( Aqua, Earth, Fire, Air ), the Cosmic Child process focusing on prenatal and primal issues in the waterwork. She also created the Ma Lua Process for women in water and a ceremonial earth work for women, called Spirit Weavers.

She leads the Institute for Oceanic Bodywork® and is the co-founder of Oceanic Aqua Balancing® and Aqua Wellness.

Her expertise includes: Rebalancing®, Cranio Sacral Balancing, deep tissue massage, neo-Reichian Bodywork, Energy work, Tibetan Pulsation and more.

Her long-years of experience with meditation, processes and groups create a deep inspiration for others and her presence brings lightness thanks to her incredible sense of humour and love.

Her work is a fusion of dance, singing, healing, massaging, shamanic and energy work.