Connection, Movement and Freedom Training: Online Training for Systemic Solutions in Individual Work

Working systemically with individual clients, online training

We are connected, more than we are aware of. Systemic therapy has created a whole variety of approaches helping people to accept, complete, let go entanglements with people from our family or also work systems. Constellation work is one of them, probably the most widely known, beautiful, and strong, going beyond the field of therapy, but by far not the only one.

In order to work systemically we do not necessarily need more people to be present, like for a constellation. Systemic influences also show in our subjective inner realities, and when we learn to recognise them, we can work with these influences and connections also in individual work.

The systemic influences are part of our unconscious, in constellation work we make them visible in the constellation, in Hypnosystemic therapy we uncover them by exploring our subjective inner realities. We bring to light where we unconsciously go into regressions, where we go into flight freeze or fight attitudes, where we forget to feel our bodies, or to perceive the space around us. The typical experience of clients there is that “something happens to me…” or “something has power over me…”, or “it happens, despite me wanting something else…”

One key aspect of this work is to look at old reactions as meaningful attempts in certain contexts where the child could not change or influence the life situation it lived in in a better way. This understanding opens the door for changes to become possible. The moment where the client does not look at himself or herself as stupid, incapable, as a failure it becomes much more easy to create changes. This atmosphere of valueing and cooperation between conscious and unconscious also allows us to find new pictures for the past, the present, and for the future.

Another key aspect is the understanding, that the old reactions have a very well trained somatic routine. Creating change involves also creating new somatic models.

Another key is the understanding that our Unconscious processes in pictures, in space. Creating new pictures and new orientation in space is another part of changing old limiting patterns or behaviours.

Rituals are another important part of this work, they “speak” to the Unconscious, and create new pictures, same as constellations.

Content of the training:

Exploring subjective unconscious inner realities
Creating new Somatic models
Cooperation between the “me” and the “it”, Conscious and Unconscious
Rituals for completion and let go
Rituals for connecting with guides
Rituals for protecting vulnerability
Rituals for staying true to yourself in the face of old demons
Creating intentions and meaningful directions and supporting them
Healing Trance rituals
Learning from oneself
Stepping out of trauma impulses using movements: releasing overcharge or undercharge
Reaching to the Unconscious of the client when working online

This training is for people, who want to expand their potential to work systemically with individuals in a cooperative, supportive and healing environment. It is also a great tool for people who already work with constellations and want to be able to work also with individual clients, in direct meetings and online.

And the rituals give you precious gifts for your personal life as well.

Training set up:

3 modules of 4 days online, together 12days.
6 hours daily
10 a.m.-1 p.m. and 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.