07. 04. 2022

Osho on Massage


Massage is needed in the world today because ´love´ has disappeared. By and by we have forgotten where to touch, how to touch, how deep to touch. In fact touch is one of the most forgotten languages, because the word has become sexual and people have become afraid.

When you touch the body of a person, be prayerful...as if God himself is there, and you are just serving him. Flow with total energy. And whenever you see the body flowing and the energy creating a new pattern of harmony - you will feel a delight that you have never felt before. You will fall into deep meditation.

While massaging, just massage. Be in your fingers and your hands as if your whole being is there. Make it a play, make it a game and take it as fun. Laugh and let the other laugh too. Soon you will be helping many people.