My search for inner peace began 22 years ago. I set out for a big journey to Canada. Later I also travelled in India, Nepal, Iran and USA.

I graduated form a pedagogic faculty in Pilsen in Czech Republic. I have also learned massage Shiatzu.

I have been living in Osho Center in a tiny village in Czech Republic for 15 years. How the time flies.

Shangri La, which means the valley of paradise. This enchanting and power place means for me a journey on high peaks and deep valleys like in Tibet.

I have built an independant natural home – earthship on a hill here. I am happy to live in harmony with nature and to use her incredible riches. The house is covered with ground, electricity is generated by sun and wind. I také water from a well.

My priority is to discover the possibilities how to live in love rather then in fear.

… I love creative work with clay, both in pottery and in the garden...

… I love coming back to the present moment. Last two years my body is a great help for this. I practice tantra, what I have learnt with John Hawken in a year course....

...I enjoy remembering that apart from my physical parents, there is also Mother Earth and Father Sky...

I have experienced the Druids school and School for Masters with Zbyněk Kostrhun.

I am also inspired by workshop that I translate – inner man and woman, family constellations, psychic massage, wise women etc.

Deep understanding is also given to me by my beloved three children, Osho and my partner.