Shangri La Team

by Bhagat

Shangri La is a Meditation Center, and at the same time a community where by now 13 adults and 4 children are living. It always had been my vision to have it happen like a village, close to each other, supporting each other, without the centralised structures of the old commune era with hierarchies and the whole movie. And this is how it has happened also. Just this year two more friends have built houses here in the village, expanding our community. During those years Almasta, who came here qúite at the very beginning and lives and works here since then, has built his house and carpentry. Amar, who has supported Shangri La from the very first moment, built her guest house, Caravanserai, and the visitors of our place love to visit her café after lunch, and have delicious homemade cakes and chat. Sananda has built a round house, and Prapati her earthship. Creativity and individuality flower, and together create a precious climate. A climate where visitors and group participants find both transformation, as well as inspiration for new possibilities in their lives.