The Breath of Existence - Training

The work of magic is this; that it breaths and with every breath it transforms realities. Rumi

Breathing creates the energy charge in the center of our body, and carries the energy to the periphery into action. As children we all have learned how to hold the breath, in order how to avoid difficult feelings, f.e. anger, pain, sexual feelings. The patterns how we hold the breath limit the aliveness and intensity of our lives, how much strength we have for work, for relationship, to face challenges, to meet authorities, and last but not least, how much we are able to allow sexual energy to flow and how much we are able to experience orgasmic states.

In this training you will meet different approaches to breathwork:
- more subtle and gentle energywork
- expression of emotions and body charges
- reliving birth memories and their imprints on our lives
- breath as a door to Meditation and oneness

One major focus will be on how the facilitator creates the space for the client to feel the invitation to say yes to the experience of the moment, accept it, and go beyond oneś old boundaries and expand structures and patterns both in the body and the psyche

Part 1:

Holistic therapy, breath and energy, releasing energy, rebirthing, breath and bioenergetics, emotional issues

Part 2:

Tantric breath, breath and feelings, breath and healing, breath and past lifes, energy issues

Partt 3:

The breath of the Buddha, breath of consciousness, breath and space in essence work, issues around working with breath