The Heritage: an Advanced Training in Constellation Work

Roots and wings: An Advanced training in constellation work for people who have completed a constellation training in the past.

This 5 day training is for reconnecting with constellation work, and for expanding your inner space for leading constellations. We will acknowledge the enormous work that has been done in spreading systemic thinking into the awareness of people. We look at the transformations and changes in constellation work. And we will look at where constellations might go.

Themes in this group:-

  • Respecting the roots and accepting the heritage.

  • The field and not knowing.

  • Love and peace inside.

  • Courage to spread one’s wings and freedom.

  • Letting go and new beginnings.

  • Constellations as a bridge between the old and the new.

  • The facilitator as a manifestation of some higher awareness.

  • Humbleness and courage.

One main focus will be to look especially at what might limit or sabotage your trust in yourself and doing this work. What stops you from seeing, hearing, feeling the field of the respective constellation? And what stops you from perceiving, evaluating and following your impulses? We look at issues around fears to be alone, to make mistakes, to lead.

And we do a ritual for stepping into the line of people working with people.