Transcending Duality - The Way to Oneness

A 5 day training for how to work with clients and help them relax with opposites and say yes to the flow of life.

We live in a flow, a rhythm of duality. Rhythm keeps us alive, in the breathing, in the heartbeat. On the body level it is usually relatively easy to understand this. On a psychological level mostly this is already not so easy to understand or accept. After all, we want happiness, and not sadness. We want pleasure, and not pain. So we try to cling to the polarity we like, and avoid or reject the polarity which we dislike. This seems so natural. And yet this is the way how we recreate suffering every day. Because by doing this we engage in the cycle of clinging and rejecting which creates permanent tension inside of us. This is the cycle which prevents us from finding inner peace.

Some of the big polarities people struggle with are aloneness and togetherness, security and insecurity, freedom and structure, success and failure, health and illness, peace and stress, action and let-go, beginnings and endings, flowing and frozen, distant and close, conscious and unconscious, contracted and expanded, anger and compassion, acceptance and rejection, change and permanence, knowledge and ignorance.

In this training you learn how to help clients find their way from choosing and tension, from either-or to relaxing and saying yes to the presence of both polarities in existence in an experiential way. We include understandings of the conscious mind, the unconscious mind, and very basic survival impulses from the nervous system. We use techniques from the world of hypnotherapy, trance rituals, working with pictures and metaphors. We include the body, and body memory, body movement to step out of very old unconscious movement patterns to help clients and ourselves to find a way to peace and the experience of a flow inside and in life.

And we take working with polarities to a level of spiritual understanding, which goes beyond saying yes to opposites, a level which takes us to a dimension beyond the dual perceptions of the mind, beyond either or, beyond both and, beyond neither this nor that. We can grasp the truth as multidimensional. I am this, I am that, I am both, I am none.

This is where we step beyond the identifications of our mind with structures, and our awareness can spread out into all directions equally and flowingly, containing all individual aspects of truth, finding a calm and peaceful presence that can contain the flow of opposites in our life: Oneness.

Training intention

On the psycholgical level it appears that most problems are rooted in the way we relate to one or more of the following basic sets of opposites:

Security - Insecurity

Life - Death
Pleasure - Pain
Alone - Together

Usually it takes some time to realise how these unconscious preferences filter our perceptions of life and people. But they have a huge influence on what we think possible, what we consider worth doing something for, or for acknowledging our needs. When we create new ways of how to relate with these sets of opposites, we become much more ourselves, we live more fully, we are much more resilient and capable to integrate difficulties into the flow of the current of our life energy and keep moving on. We relax more, we experience more fulfilment, more ease with existence. You learn to assist your clients to rediscover the trust to move with the current of life and the confidence into the strength of one’s heart.

Security - insecurity

This manifests in many ways for people. For some it is hidden in approval-disapproval, acceptance-rejection, aloneness- togetherness. For others it is wealth-poverty, recognition-anonymity. However, the basic quest is for a state of “no-change”. Once the unconscious mind grabs and sees and hears the rhythm of inevitable and constant change, it begins to become clear that ultimate security might reside in the acceptance of insecurity as the nature of life itself.


Most of us know logically that death will come to us at some time. And it appears the Unconscious mind has specific ideas on how to respond to that.The unconscious mind is basically against death and for life, which is making perfect sense on the biologically level. Biologically it is the only choice. Psychologically however we can expand our unconscious understanding of death from a phenomena that brings with it the end of the body and the end of”me” toward a perception that death is both the completion of one phase and the beginning of another. Nature demonstrates this phenomenon endlessly and allows us to recognise that endings and beginnings, life and death, are a natural circle of completion that allows the process of life to go on recreating itself fresh and new.


Again, it is biologically intelligent to move towards pleasure and to mov away from pain. Psychological intelligence, however, calls us to alert the unconscious mind to the value of pain or unpleasant experiences whether physical or, emotional, or mental. In helping create value for the usually avoided experiences of pressure and pain, we can begin to relax our avoidance of these undeniable experiences of living and explore approaching them with new attitudes of response i.e. learning, curiosity, relaxation, meditation.


The dilemma of the human heart is our need to be connected with each other, and our need to be unique, special, and/or alone. This is one of the most basic inside splits. Most of us are solid identified with either aloneness or togetherness as the right way to be, or the way to happiness. Those of us, who have chosen togetherness, usually don’t experientially know our own uniqueness and full presence when alone. Those of us, who have chosen Aloneness usually don’t experientially know the validity of connectedness as a human need and a human condition. We are working to validate both needs as equal, natural and complementary.