Water Flow Training (Watsu® Basic, OBA® Introduction, Oceanic Mother)

"Flow down and down in always widening rings of being." Rumi

Four days training of warm water work, that will bring healing to the body and to the Soul.

WATSU® Basic (2 days / Zdenka, Roman)

First we will start to discover the beauty of the work on the water surface Water Shiatsu (Watsu).
This gentle and yet powerful techniStudies have „confirmed effects were physical relaxation, relief of physical tension, pain relief, increased mobility and flexibility, improved quality of life, spiritual experiences, and increased psychological health.“ (Schitter A.M 2022)

OBA® Introduction (1 day/ Zdenka, Roman)

OBA (Oceanic Body Work Aqua) is leading us deeper under the water surface to new possibilities of experiencing. This submerging work creates a space for further physical relaxation, experience of the deeper layers of our being. One might encounter emotinal release, spirtitual experience and release of memories from the prenatal period.

Oceanic Mother (1 day/ Sananda)

The warm water embrace allows us to experience unconditional acceptance of our being. With the help of the group and warm water we will be nourishing our early-childhood needs of being welcomed, accepted, loved.


Zdenka Jasova
Roman Nedved

Schitter A.M. et col. Application areas and effects of aquatic therapy WATSU - A survey among practitioners, Complement Ther Clin Pract, Feb 2022