Art of Dying

Our society has lost the natural attitude towards death. It puts a taboo on it, postpones it.
As a result, repressed fears of dying and death overshadow our lives, and make us run after securities which don´t exist, or illusions, which will not help us. Many people repress the reality of death as long and as much as they can, while projecting their biggest fears on it.

In this group we work with the emotional stages, which happen when we get to know that we have a terminal sickness, or one of our beloveds has to die. They have been explored and described in depth by Elisabeth Kübler Ross, a Swiss doctor and pioneer in working with dying people. We bring all those hidden and repressed emotions to the surface, create a space of deep acceptance, and then we move on into Meditation, into silence and consciousness.

Elisabeth Kübler Ross discovered, that when people are near death, and look at their lives once more, all experiences, all situations with people turn into understanding, love and peace. Similarly, already as a child, Osho went to be with dying people, because he felt that in that moment there is an open door to another reality. He emphasised that death is not a catastrophe but the peak of life. A moment which helps us recognise our true nature, consciousness.

By avoiding the reality of death we cut ourselves off from the depth of love and life. Many people simply fall into a shock when they are confronted with death, unable to live their love and be with their friends. In this group you learn how to recognise these reactions, and how to deal with them. What emerges when we go through all those layers, is a strong clarity, a deep love and respect towards life, gratitude for the opportunity to live and love and become conscious. This is where the art of dying becomes the art of living.