Essence of Relationship Advanced

keeping the mirror clear and keeping the fire burning


This group is a follow-up on  Essence of Relationship. It is not needed to have done this group before enrolling for Essence of Relationship Advanced.

An alive relationship needs permanent care. It is an art like tightrope walking, and what this art consists of most is the understanding, that balance comes from continuous movement. You can keep the balance only through permanent movement.

We look at the art of staying a man or a woman in the relationship. Energy, like electricity, flows between two poles. In order to keep the energetic charge of being a man or a woman alive, we need to feel good about being a man or being a woman. And we need to look at ourselves and the other sex with respect. Often old and unconscious judgments, concepts about ourselves and about the other sex come in in a very subtle way, and poison our attitudes towards manhood and womanhood.

We look at the flow between opening up, meeting, merging, loving on one side, and individuality, freedom on the other bank of the river.

We look at how to say yes to fullness and emptiness. There are moments so full of love, that everything else disappears, your plans do not matter, you are gone. And life can be so empty, that you feel completely alone in the world.

If a relationship should stay alive, we need to stay ourselves, and we need to meet. It means to say yes to intimacy and to aloneness. It means saying yes to vulnerability and strength.

A big reason for relationships losing their aliveness is, that we do not know or do not dare to talk openly. We are shy to express our needs and wishes openly, especially in the sexual area. And we often forget to feel our uniqueness, our individual existence.

This group is a lot about the art of communication between partners, between man and woman. How to talk from the heart, how to share openly, how to express your needs without expectations. How to stay in the flow

Here is a little exercise, which can help especially in context of relationships.

Be a Light unto Yourself