Essence: the Freedom Group

This group shows you, how your superego, your inner critic, poisons your life and attacks you, when you dare to move into a direction, which it perceives as dangerous for your old survival patterns. You get to see the inner critic clearly, and learn, how to deal with itś attacks. This opens up the space, where freedom, trust and guidance become your criteria for living, rather than the inner critic.


During the work with inner critic the question of trust comes in also because the inner critic does not trust at all.

Trust knows no address. It is not addressed. Trus is an inner quality. If it is there, it is there. It is like you bring a light, you bring a lamp into the room. Now the light will not fall only on the table, it will fall on the chair too. And it will not fall only on the chair, it will fall on the walls too, and on the paintings hanging on the walls. It will not fall only on the walls, it will fall on the floor and on the roof too. When you bring light into the room, light simply falls on everything that is there. So is trust. It is a light. If trust is kindled in your heart then it makes no difference. You trust God, you you trust Christ, you trust your wife, you trust your husband, you trust your son, you trust your friend. You trust your enemy. You trust nature, you trust death, you trust insecurity. In short, you simply trust...

Osho: I Say Unto You, Vol.2