Oceanic mother

During this group we will work with mothering principle for our inner needs. We will work with breath, touch, technigues from body therapy. We will also work in warm salt pool with unconditional loving embrace and floating.

Little baby is developing in the warm salty liquid in the womb of the mother, receiving everything what it needs. The baby perceives complete oneness with the mother. Around the 20th week of development, the baby starts to grow tiny hairs around the whole body, which help the child to slowly, gradually to feel the movements of the liquid and its own body and thus the process of perceiving oneself as a separate being is started. This is a very important and sensitive period of human life.

Even though we are adults, sometimes we may feel the insecurity or uncertainty if we are welcomed in the world, if the world is a safe place. These feelings may come from unfulfilled needs from this time of baby development.

During this group we will be nourishing these needs with techniques from body therapy, with contact, touch, breath and floating in the warm salty pool.

Part of the group will be in the meditation room and part will be in the pool with warm salt water (35°C).