Satori is radical inquiry. It is going under the skin and in the heart and in the belly to see and feel what is in the way of being myself.

What is my true nature? How do I lose myself or feel that there isn’t all of me here, now? What is this emptiness that terrifies me? What is this restlessness that pushes me to do and do and do? What is this longing for being more real, truer, complete? What am I doing here?

Self-inquiry means to open and unsettle the mechanism that destroys the present by repeating the past.

Self-inquiry means being so present in the here/now that I can have A DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF MYSELF AND REALITY, fresh and alive, free of the filters of conditioning.

The aim of this retreat is having this DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF BEING, an experience of AWAKENING, an experience of NO-MIND.

Satori is not therapy - but is highly therapeutic - and doesn't have the goal of finding temporary solutions to daily problems - but finds them.

Satori aims to dissolve the identification with the ego, which is the only cause of problems.

Identification is the ONLY problem.

An intense, honest, open and compassionate inquiry using existential questions: “Who am I? Who is in?, What is Life?, What is Love? And others.

Each one of these questions is a path that can take you from the confusion of the personality to the peak of clarity.
In that light all problems disappear. The illusion of existing as a separate I crumbles and Being, God, the Absolute, Primary Energy appear.

You know DIRECTLY and see your ORIGINAL FACE.

“Satori is like lightning – you can see a glimpse of the whole, all that is there, and then it disappears. But you will not be the same again. It is not final enlightenment, but a great step towards it. Now you know. You have had a glimpse, now you can search for more of it. You have tasted it, now buddhas will become meaningful.”